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Southern Clean Ltd

HSE Policy

Southern Clean Ltd recognizes the importance of HEALTH, SAFETY & ENVIRONMENT of personnel, equipment, assets and reputation directly involved in her operations.

Human resources is our best assets, therefore, becomes highly imperative that scl shall safeguard all personnel, property and environment connected with her operations.

As an environmental, trainng and procurement servicing outfit, scl shall comply with Customer’s requirements, codes and statutory specifications that will enhance the Business of safety organizations without violating the relevant legislation.

Southern Clean Ltd considers the private and public sectors a relevant and strategic importance to the economy.

Having this in mind in empowering humanity as well as stay in business, Southern Clean Ltd shall envision, think and act safely proactively always in her operations. This idea shall be rooted permanently in the minds of our staff without doubt and guessing of half measures. Our personnel shall be indoctrinated

to make inquiries particularly on safety issues when in doubt as GENUINETY AND SERVICE DELIVERY is the watchword in all our Services unless otherwise directed by our Customers or operational environment.

It is Southern Clean Ltd policy to:

Give comprehensive orientation on safety and environmental matters. Ensure adequate provision and use of basic personal protective equipment where and when necessary.

Ensure compliance of safety regulations by all personnel.

With these aforementioned policies, scl is poised to achieve accident-free environment in her operations due to the high level of understanding with loss Prevention system regarding SAFETY

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