About US

Southern Clean Ltd

About Us

Southern Clean Ltd is a multidiscipline firm with high profile expertise in private and public sectors, also in affiliates with other firms with reputable profile.
Inspite of previous joint venture projects with other affiliates, become independently incorporated in 2017.

Southern Clean Ltd is ranked amongst the fastest growing indigenous firms in environmental and project management consultancy services. It is a goal oriented firm with client objectives, safety and cost effectiveness is foremost in our daily operations. our working tools, equipment and devices are as good as any in the industry.

Southern Clean Ltd is a firm that guarantees her customers a perfect compliance in safety & quality model development in all her services as accepted by customers.
Southern Clean Ltd is poised to create the imaginations of her customers by seeking, receiving and meeting customers’ objectives, to offer customers various talented skilled and professionals with the available resources (devices) so as to provide services, products and supervision reasonably, with assurance to her customers a job done well on time with satisfaction at affordable rate.
By exhibiting management techniques, experience and exposure to technologies.
Southern Clean Ltd deemed it fit for a viable investment by any firm and a good community relationship, not only with her partners but with the various community it will operate.

Southern Clean Ltd is open to any form of inquiries concerning her proposals and capabilities in all her services.

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